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What is Your Motivation to Work?

48 2022/03/10
If you work hard without self-motivation, you will quickly get bored with the job and not be able to progress in the career you are doing. So, all you need to do now is find out what motivates you to work. To be able to answer this question for yourself, start by asking yourself some of the following questions and thinking about the answers. Then determine the important things you need to keep in mind to keep yourself motivated to continue working satisfactorily. Those questions include:

    What motivates you to do the work on this one?

    When faced with stress and stress at work, what makes you rejuvenate and continue to work happily?

    What will you do with the work that you are currently doing that will happen in the next 5 years?

    Did this work help you achieve your goals? If so, what to do next?

    Is your condition at work good? Why?

After asking these questions, you will be able to better understand what will motivate you to continue working and working harder. And you also need to remember that motivating yourself or knowing what is important motivates you to work is very important and has a huge impact on your productivity.

To help you further understand the key factors that can motivate you to work with will, energy, and fun, you can do some of the following:

1. Set work goals.

When you decide to go to work on any part that you like, don't neglect to set goals that you want to work on. Goal setting helps you stay focused on what you want to see yourself in the future and work on what you want to achieve well and can make you grow faster in that career.

Work goals can be varied, depending on the individual's aspirations, but here are some goals you can emulate to know what your goals are for your job. And how will it motivate you to work?

    Aim to strengthen yourself even more in a career.

    Attempt to become a professional in any of your favorite skills.

    Aim to learn new things about the position you are working on.

    Aim to share knowledge and help others grow.

    Aim to be promoted and get a higher salary and stronger ability.

    Aim to become a leader in any field.

    The goal is to change yourself to learn to accept new things and be able to do things that you have never done before.

    And there are many more goals that you can set for what you want, and it can be a catalyst to help you work better with hope.

2. Set a specific time to achieve the goal.

Once you have set a goal of what you want to achieve from your job, then set a time when you will be able to achieve it. You need to know that if there is a goal, but there is no set time to achieve it as expected, you will procrastinate and there will be no effort to achieve it.

Have a goal and a time frame to achieve it so that you will work with zeal, it will be difficult to give up, you will enjoy working without becoming bored with it, and you will find ways to work to achieve better results that will allow you to achieve the goal you desire.

3. Be close to the people who help you.

At this point, it refers to the ability to associate with colleagues, friends, and people around you, and they are always encouraging, supporting, and always helping more to the point that you lack or are in need of help to do something better. In addition, take some time to build a closer relationship with your family and loved ones because they are also a factor that gives you extra energy and relieves any worries you may have at work.

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