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销售专员Sales Executive


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549 2023/01/27

Job description

1. 处理所有形式的销售查询,包括走进,电话,事件等。
2. 现有客户建立并保持良好的关系,积极寻找潜在客户并与潜在客户会面以达成销售结案。
3. 跟进并安排与潜在客户的会面,以开拓新业务。
4. 执行销售,营销和促销策略,以实现分配的个人和团队销售目标。
5. 与买家就所有相关文件保持联络,以确保各方顺畅而有效地进行交易。
6. 组织,跟踪和监视直至SPA签署的销售交易的完成。
7. 每周和每月编制和更新销售报告。
8. 执行上级分配的其他临时任务。
1. 候选人无经验可但需语言能力强,有相关经验,懂中文或其他语言(其一)如英文、日文、韩文等。
2. 个性开朗,能够与各个层次的人互动。
3. 可以在周末和公共假期工作。
1. To handle all sales inquiry from the Sales Agency.
2. To handle all forms of sales inquiries including walk in, phone calls, events and etc.
3. To build and maintain good relationship with existing customers, actively source and meet potential customer for sales closure.
4. To follow up and arrange meeting with potential customers to prospect for new business.
5. To execute the sales, marketing and promotional strategies in order that the assigned individual and team sales target can be achieved.
6. To liaise with buyers on all related documents to ensure smooth and efficient flow for all parties.
7. To organize, follow up and monitor the completion of sales transaction up to SPA signed.
8. Perform other temporary tasks assigned by superiors.
Job requirements:
1. Candidates have no experience but need to have strong language skills, have relevant experience, and understand Chinese or other languages (1) such as English, Japanese, Korean, etc.
2. Cheerful personality, able to interact with people of all levels.
3. Can work on weekends and public holidays.