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Basic info
Job TypeFull-time
Recruiting Numbers2People
Department No Limit
EducationSecondary Technical School
Work Experience1-3year
Age range22old-40old
Working LocationPrince Phnom Penh Tower, Preah Monivong Boulevard (93), 金边柬埔寨(Phnom Penh/7 Makara)
Job Description
• Review the invoices, receipts and accounting processing related to the payment of various fees
• Handle accounts payables such as vendor payments or expenses
• Handle customer accounts receivable and other general accounting
• Ensure timely bank payments
• Responsible for preparing and summarizing financial budgets for each month, and monitoring and controlling the budget from time to time
• Assist general manager to participate in financial budget analysis, semi-annual report preparation, complete data preparation on time, etc.
• Responsible for collect and submit the documents for scheduled internal audit by the group, and notifying relevant departments to collect relevant materials
• Complete general ledger reconciliation, cost accounting, supply chain and general ledger settlement, voucher review, account balance, balance reasonableness and accuracy check, financial statements, sales orders, sales gross profit and other data analysis reports
• Responsible for assist completing various tax declaration of each company on time, including monthly and annual tax declarations, final settlement, declaration, statistical annual report declaration
• Responsible for the management of the validity period of each company’s licenses, to ensure that the licenses of banks, statistics, and legal persons are within the validity period and make timely changes
• Other ad-hoc task assigned by general manager.
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