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Site Manager (Concrete), Highly Urgent


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56 2022/10/04

Job description

*Duties I:
A- Receive work plan from Production Line Manager:
• Implement the plan submitted by the section manager as effectively as possible and report immediately if the implementation encounters unresolved issues.
B-Work very closely with the relevant departments under the concrete branch:
• Stimulate the driving force in each sector to ensure the responsible supply of concrete and good customer service.
• Monitor the movement of concrete mixer trucks in the branch during operation so that the concrete access is smart, orderly and fast.
Encourage truck weighing staff to weigh the casings accurately and quickly to avoid congestion in the operation of transporting concrete to customers and to regularly report on the operation of the scales.
Assign people in charge of day-to-day operations at each branch to facilitate job monitoring.
Summarize the daily amount of concrete.
C-Concrete Mixing Plant or Batching Plant
• Regularly inspect and maintain the concrete mixer (must be clean and in normal operation) to avoid problems when the concrete is mixed with the customer.
• Monitor the operator to mix according to the order to avoid problems when reaching the target.
• Make sure that the seal at the factory is correct before leaving for each destination so that customers do not become dissatisfied or turn the concrete.
D-Transport and concrete pumping (Site Location Export)
• Efficient and economical control of the control of spray pumps or pumps and mixers to each of the Schedule targets under its operation.
Collaborate with other branches to solve the mobility of inspectors/operators, mixers, concrete pumps and other related machines to ensure the timely supply of concrete to customers.
• Supervise the concrete test piece according to each target correctly and sufficiently for the customer to ensure the test meets all the conditions.
• Monitor the use of the concrete mix to make cracks or test pieces at each injection target to follow the technical standards to avoid problems with the test.
F-Personnel Administration (Admin)
• Ensure the correct presence of staff-workers in daily work.
• Request daily worker overtime to the supervisor for approval.
Supervise the overtime requests of employees on a daily basis and submit them to the Production Line Supervisor for approval before working hours.
Sign the weekly wage report and related documents as assigned.
• Explain and instruct subordinates to strictly abide by the company's internal rules.
G-Perform the urgent tasks of the section manager on time.
*Duties II:
• Bachelor's degree in civil engineering or management or related field.
• Minimum 4-6 years’ experience in a related field.
• Good in Spoken and Written English;
• Computer literacy (Word, Excel, PowerPoint…)
• Team and goal-orientated; a good attitude and interpersonal skills;
• Sound judgment and good at problem-solving;
• Strong Management and leadership skills;
• Be creative, initiative, and good at multitasking
*Location: KhanDounPenh, PhnomPenh.,