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Who We Are

We started as an online recruitment website, and over the years have grown to become one of the most recognized human resources and recruitment companies in Cambodia. Our mobile app is also widely recognized as the best job app in Cambodia with the most users, and an extremely high rating on both AppStore and PlayStore.

At CamboJob, every employee is put through comprehensive training programs before becoming a full-time employee, to ensure that they are qualified to provide job seekers and recruiters the help they need. CamboJob also has a large job database that is accumulated over our years of operation. With highly-trained employees, the best mobile app in Cambodia, and a large and reliable database, CamboJob is ready to assist job seekers and recruiters in every situation.

Our Vision

Mission: To accumulate meaningful accomplishments while being helpful, and interesting. Vision: To help 10 million Cambodians get a job.

Core Values

Smart·Efficient·Effective· Fun- Kind ·Helpful·Dedicate·Trusthworthy·Moral

300,000Over Mobile App and Website Users

4MOver Combined Social Media Followers

100,000Over International talent registered


01 Has assisted over 100,000 users get their desired jobs.

02 Has assisted over 100,000 recruiters and companies with their recruitment.

03 Has hosted 100,000 events with great results.

Our Story

Display the greatness inside of you.

Our story started with an idea that, through time, turned into a mission, then a vision; and now in the process of turning into reality. A reality where every person is employed by their desired company and placed in their desired position. A reality where every person can display their greatness in their career.

In early 2018, our start-up team was doing market research with the purpose of learning about new business opportunities. We quickly determined that the then underdeveloped job recruitment industry in Cambodia has the potential to turn into a giant industry with unfathomable potential. Thus, we set out to start a revolution. A Cambodia Job Industry Revolution.

Our team then started our market experiment with a website which yielded great results. In the middle of 2019, just 6 months after our website experiment, our team came up with a business proposal and presented it to arguably the most recognized financial establishment in Cambodia, the Canadia Integrated Group Co., Ltd, and 58Cam.com. Thus, CamboJob was born.

CamboJob received a 500,000 USD investment from Canadia Integrated Group Co., Ltd in 2019, and started its first official job recruitment website. The website became so successful that CamboJob was publishing more than 50 new jobs daily. Five months after we started the website operation, we hosted our first Career Fair on 25th December 2019. The career fair was held at Tuan Hua Chinese School which was already the most recognized Chinese school in Cambodia. The fair received cooperation from over 80 local and international private companies and over 12,000 participants from all races, professions, and fields. It was so successful that it appeared on every local and international news site in Cambodia, and was one of the biggest events of that year. With all these successes, CamboJob garnered enormous attention from the public and by December of 2020, we had accumulated over 4,000,000 followings across our combined social media platforms.

With continued success and a growing team, CamboJob created its mobile app on February 08, 2021, which went on to become the undisputed best recruitment mobile app in Cambodia. At the start of this year (2022), the number of registered users on our mobile app and website broke through the 100,000 mark and is steadily increasing every minute.

In the same year, CamboJob also successfully signed MOUs with 8 major universities and schools; they are the National University of Battambang, the National Institute of Agriculture, Asian Institute of Cambodia, Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia, Build Bright University, Western University, UME University, and Vanda Institute. CamboJob is maintaining a great relationship with these partnered universities to date.

Currently, CamboJob’s main operation is on its website and mobile app. Both platforms have accumulated over 200,000 users during their operation. Both platforms have also helped over 40,000 people in Cambodia achieve their desired job.

Presently, our team at CamboJob is in the process of turning our mentioned vision into reality. We may not be able to determine how long it will take, or if it will ever be fully realized, but we can assure you that we will not stop until we have achieved the reality we set out to create, starting from 10,000,000 people, to Cambodia, to Asia, and then the world.

Our Timeline
  • 2018

    CamboJob Technology Co.,Ltd received its initial international seed (Seed Round) from 58cam and CANADIA INTERGRATED GROUP CO., LTD.

  • 2019

    CamboJob started researching and testing until they was able to created an official MVP Website.

  • 2020

    The company was able to successfully secure their second investment (Angel Round) worth USD 500,000, and was able to expand the CamboJob core team to 20 people.

  • 2021

    When the world was facing the catastrophy that was the pandemic, CamboJob Technology Co.,Ltd was still able to have a stable growth, and even received another USD 500,000 in investment (Pre-A).

  • 2022

    CamboJob has maintained steady growth, successfully launched version 3.0 products, and increased local market expansion. Through the platform and large-scale Career Fair services, it has helped tens of thousands of Cambodian job seekers obtain new job opportunities.