Job Credit Inquiry offers job inquiry to make a more harmonious and healthy working environment.Welcome HR professional to upload employees with​​ professional ethics to build up a harmonious working enrivonment.
It contains all kinds of special forms and documents for personnel recruitment and talent interview. Recruiters can download HR materials by themselves according to their needs, so as to realize the first step of person-enterprise recruitment.
personnel files
Record the main experience, political status, quality and other contents of the enterprise and employees,As the internal evidence of company culture.
Employee Management
It contains a series of materials directly related to employee benefits and the nature of work, such as job content, staff discipline, etc. Help HR to implement talent work quickly and professionally.
HR downloads the appropriate contract template to sign the contract agreement with the talents, so as to successfully realize the two-way choice between enterprises and talents.
compensation system
HR can refer to the data form in the toolbox, and develop a reasonable and humane compensation system, so as to win in many recruitment enterprises.
Various forms of attendance forms are provided in the tool box for HR reference, in order to maintain the normal work order of the enterprise and enforce company discipline.
Outdoor Business
Ask for the company's business trip, provide relevant business trip regulations and business trip records to accurately learn employees' work and company's financial statement.
employee training
Provide various staff training for reference, including overseas training, new staff training, etc., to provide companies with a variety of training advice, and to improve staff quality and ability.
Performance assessment
Provide various performance assessment methods and standards to company for comprehensive reference, positively guiding employees' work behavior and performance to achieve the strategic goals of the company.
Dismiss/hand over
All kinds of resignation application templates are provided in the tool box, which can be referred by company to make a reasonable dismission process.
Reference standards for other matters in HR work can be added by custom selection.