Website Introduction
Company Profile:

    Cambojob is Cambodia's leading Internet online recruiting product. It provides recruiters and job seekers with a safe, popular and modern recruitment platform where the two parties can communicate efficiently and find each other accurately.

    The website ( began to run in June 2019, then the platform app (cambojob) was officially released in January 2021. And now it has grown into Cambodia's leading Internet recruiting platform, with a comprehensive database of job search and recruitment behavior and leading technology support. It is an online recruitment app tailored for Cambodian users. Cambojob is intended to provide Cambodian users with a "safe and easy-to-use" job search and recruiting product in the very beginning. Meanwhile, it aims to grow into a platform covering all the Southeast Asia users and enabling them to find good jobs more easily, with “efficient communication and accurate matching” as the core and supported by big data technology.

    In October 2020, registered users of Cambojob exceeded 100,000, and it has served more than 10,000 high-quality companies. At present, Cambojob has more than 4 million fans who are active on its self-media matrix platform.

Team Slogan:

Team Vision:
Make it easier for 10 million Cambodians to find a job

Team Mission:
Do meaningful things and become interesting people

Team Values:
Integrity and dedication, teamwork, embracing changes, seeking improvement

Product Service:

Job seeking: fee-free to publish job application resumes and view job opportunities withhigh efficiency.
Corporate Recruitment: fee-free to post recruitment information smartly and quick to recruit talents
Skills training: one-stop service from training to job hunting and to increase salary by 1.5 to 2.5 times.
Job Fair: over 100 high-paying companies face-to-face to comprehensively improve recruitment efficiency.

Product Forms:
1,Website and app platform: over 100,000 registered users.
2,Facebook self-media matrix: over 2 million fans
3,Tiktok self-media matrix: over 2 million fans
4,Chinese talents database: over 50,000 registered users

Service Hot Line:

Tel: 855 81697501