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Chhar Ampov


Real Estate/Construction/Property Management


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Address: Chhar Ampov

Website: https://www.cnqc.com.hk

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青建集团2015年进入柬埔寨市场,并获得了当地最高级建筑资质。柬埔寨公司目前拥有管理人员68人,其中约70%来自于中国、新加坡、马来西亚,有自营中国技术工人128人,本地工人600余人。公司从成立到现在先后承接了Skylar Meridian酒店式公寓、桑莎经济特区、中国援柬埔寨社区活动中心、金贝娱乐城二期机电、金典娱乐城、天际101、ThePalms等近20个项目。
CNQC Development (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. was established in April 2015 and obtained the highest local construction qualification. We build up a international team include 68 staff who come from China,Singapore,Malaysia, And 128 skill labours from China ,more than 600 local labours .There were a the company has participated in the construction of China Aid Cambodia Community activity Center, Sansha steel structure factory building and hotel decoration, MIH Group's hotel-style apartment, Novotel Hotel, Sky 101 Hotel, Jinbei Entertainment City, Woodland villa, Site D、The Palms high-end villa and other projects, the contract value of more than $100 million.
In addition, the company also tried to invest in some properties in Phnom Penh,And through the external rental, achieved a better income.

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