Freshy Juice Cambodia
金边市/亚西阁区 Khmer-invested Food&Bevergae/Entertainment/Leisure REM* 500-999People
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Company Profile
Committed to bringing the best quality products and encouraging consumers to embrace the habit of drinking juice to promote wellness and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Proud of its philosophy of 100% from Real Fruit.
Freshy has become a popular and trusted juice brand in Cambodia.
Canned by Medai Enterprises. Each can went thru the process of Pasteurization and passed the highest quality standards.
Produced and checked under HACCP controlled for Food Safety Management and certified by GIC.
Assuring the consumers of good quality products that deliver guaranteed satisfaction.

Targeting mainly the young, active and modern Cambodians who loves a healthy mindset and lifestyle.
Freshy has established a premium, progressive, wholesome and upscale image.
Freshy has also established a good relationship with the community.
The Brand has been actively involved in the community projects thru the Company’s CSR efforts in promoting Good Health, Environment, Education and other advocacies.
Good Quality plus Good Image, that’s what Freshy is all about.